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i love music festivals.

as we dance to a beat that seems out of time, to the one you feel in the metronome of your mind. does it offend you that our rhythm looks strange?
or causes your thinking to be rearranged? could it be that you would understand the beat to which we dance more clearly if you'd been given a chance?
so as you struggle to find the feel with your feet; ask yourself, can you dance to my beat?

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Vocal chord dysfunction: Helping Sam sing again



I’ve been diagnosed by two doctors as having this disease- Vocal Chord Dysfunction, or VCD. One other doctor told me I was having anxiety attacks 24/7. I’m being treated for allergy-induced VCD but i don’t believe it has to do with allergies. I’m seeing a pulminologist when I get back to school and starting speech/breathing therapy as soon as I can. I can’t live with this disease anymore. It’s making my life a struggle to get through daily. Every task becomes difficult, other than exercise where it goes away, but I truly can’t get through the day anymore without suffering crying or feeling like I’m suffocating. 

If i truly do have VCD, it’s untreatable, and likely a lifelong condition. i’ve really never been so scared in my life.

Really? For some reason I have that constant, uncomfortable, strangling feeling in my chest all the time and it only gets worse with exercise, At first my doctors thought it was asthma but 1-2 weeks ago when I went to a lung specialist they told me it was VCD and I just hate this alot because from Septenmber to December I had what I thought was 6-9 asthma attacks and was apparently… Well, whatever type of attacks they were. And Even right now, just saying here, my breathing is so uncomfortable and ainful that I just don’t even want to deal with it anymore….

i’d like to update my original post since it’s a few years old. In the last couple years i have been to a bunch of doctors and hospitals and ended up in a speciality clinic called the Aerodigestive Center as a hospital i’d prefer not to say. I spent a couple months seeing the pulimologists, ear nose and threat doc, and the GI specialist that all work together to solve cases that could have to do with the respiratory system AND GI track. I was on a trial of asthma medication, it wasn’t asthma. i was on a regimen for acid reflux to see if it was that, it wasnt. Then i tried trials of klonopin and adderall to see if i had anxiety, and neither of them had any effect. Finally i saw a specialist of this clinic in a town outside of my city who diagnosed me with something simple called Sigh Dyspnea. it’s a completely benign condition that they see a couple people with but there is no real official diagnosis or name for the disease. They call it Sigh Dyspnea because the patients sigh a lot and they have dyspnea. He recommended i go to a breathing coach to learn how to take deeper breaths, and i could buy a machine that could exercise my lungs to help them feel like they’re expanding more. This was about a year ago and I have not followed up. My symptoms have dramatically decreased, but are still ever present. 

That’s my story, best of luck to anyone with a similar thing, feel free to PM me, i have seen it all. 

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How Running Works


1. Go running.
2. Feel like a majestic gazelle.
3. Return home, eat everything.


1. Go running.
2. Everything is awful and your lungs/muscles refuse to suck it up and work better.
3. Return home, eat everything.

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